Deenie Wallace in the studio, March 2013.

“I am interested in the idea of self. Of how we see ourselves in a way that makes us feel connected to life – in the symbols and ideas that give us a sense of identity and meaning.”

Deenie Wallace (b. 1977 in Austin, TX) has been part of the vibrant community of artists in Portland, Oregon over the past 15 years. Wallace launched her company Jubilant Glass & Art (2003) while earning a BFA in Intermedia from Pacific Northwest College of Art (2006). She was awarded a Professional Development Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council (2011). Wallace was featured in The Oregonian for her involvement with I Heart Art:PDX and served as council member for the Etsy satellite group (2012).

Wallace’s work is continually marketed online to an expanding worldwide audience. Original painted works are shown regionally and nationally. Reproductions are collected worldwide through Etsy. Her work has often been exhibited and made available at In Other Words Feminist Community Center. Glass designs are found at specialty boutiques and expo shows like Crafty Wonderland. New media works are exhibited on an ongoing basis and licensed for use, such as by the NBC show Parenthood.

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